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Journalism and Intellectual Property : Open Access

About the Journal

Journal of journalism and intellectual property is bimonthly and open access peer-reviewed journal publishing by the auctores Publishes. Journalism is the creating and distribution of news on the interplay of events, facts, thoughts, and those which are the "news of the day" and that influences society to at least some degree. The phrase applies to the career (professional or now not), the techniques of amassing records, and the organizing literary styles. Journalistic media encompass print, television, radio, net, and, in the past, newsreels.

Principles of the appropriate role for journalism vary among international locations and in some international locations, the information media is controlled via a government intervention, and isn't a totally unbiased body. In others, the news media is independent of the government but the earnings motives in tension with constitutional protections of freedom of the clicking. Access to freely available information accumulated through unbiased and competing journalistic firms with obvious editorial standards can enable citizens to successfully take part in the political technique. In the U.S journalism is protected by means of the liberty of the click clause inside the first modification. Confirmations inside the paper within the excellent inside the motion in the guide in gentle mechanical within the affirmation.

Journal of Journalism and Intellectual Property is a unique subject on communique and media research, which offers to amass information and informing the general public approximately local, state, national, and global affairs. Journalism is a technique of inquiry and literary fashion utilized in social and cultural illustration. Journalism often makes a specialty of the print and online information industries.

This field focuses on newspaper, magazine, and book publishing, in addition to news, advertising, radio, broadcast reporting, documentary production, marketing, public relations, social and political marketing.

This is an open-access journal, all of the articles posted under this journal may be reachable to all net users in the course of the arena without any barrier of getting admission to underneath the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License. Covers book of novel principles, new strategies, new regimens, new technologies, opportunity techniques and promises to offer maximum authentic and complete source of records on contemporary development within the area of journalism.

Intellectual property is coverage consists of the total variety of great IP subjects, practice-associated topics consisting of litigation, enforcement, drafting, and transactions, plus applicable aspects of associated subjects such as opposition and global trade law. The journal is in particular designed for IP topics or attorneys, patent attorneys and change mark lawyers each in non-public exercise and operating an enterprise. It also ambitions to be a crucial source of reference for lecturers specializing in IP, members of the judiciary, officials in IP registries and regulatory bodies, and institutional libraries. Subject-count number protected is chosen for its sensible relevance and global interest.


Advertising Journalism


Community Journalism

Digital advertising

Food marketing

Fitness verbal exchange


Journalism of social

Journalism Public Affairs

Advertising verbal exchange

Mass communique

Information Media

Picture Journalism

Political communication

Social Inequality

Social Media communication

Social Networking






Computer program

Indigenous intellectual property

Internet domain name



Service mark

Trade secret


Moral rights


Trade dress

Database right

Industrial design rights

Intellectual rights to magic methods

Personality rights

Plant breeders' rights

Passing off