Auctores is an emerging international open access publisher aimed at development and rapid dissemination of scientific knowledge to the global community without any restrictions. Auctores encompasses journals on discipline of science, technology and engineering, publishes the work in a manner that represents the highest standards and integrity. We run the operation in accordance with (COPE) guidelines which is universally acceptable. We are steadfast to safeguard the highest standards of publication ethics and take all probable actions contrary to publication misconduct, as stated in the Code of Conduct and for resolving the case suspected malpractice in publication ethics we follow COPE Flowcharts.

We encourage the academics all over the globe of various fields to get connected with Auctores and publicize their findings. We follow rigorous standard peer review process and accept papers from all parts of the globe and there is no demographic, racial, and socioeconomic barriers. Auctores facilitate the dissemination of research discoveries to the global community without restriction. Thus, all articles published in Auctores journals are freely available online.

Another slogan behind the establishment of Auctores is to act as a connecting link among researchers, academia, industry and policy makers. We planned a display place to emphasize quality innovative work and to encourage move towards to serve the scientific community with 30 worldwide open access, peer reviewed journals via the academics who focus on science, technology and engineering discipline through the work they publish with us. Auctores encompasses the time and quality consequently drives us on the way to the achievement and development of our ideas; broadening in our excellence services to guide our associates and figure out our commitment. Our opinion is welcoming Novelties and a vision to authorize the existing researchers to enlighten the scientific world, expanding its support in guiding the academics and researchers in all parts of the globe.

Auctores is ardent supporter to The Budapest Open Access Initiative (BOAI). In accordance with the (BOAI): All articles published by Auctores journals are under the terms of Creative Commons Attribution License. This permits anyone read, download, copy, share, print or use them for any other legalized determination, without asking permission from the publisher or the author, the original work and source is appropriately cited