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Current Issue :  Volume 3 - Issue 1 - 2019
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Endocrinology and Disorders : Open Access

About the Journal

Journal of Endocrinology and Disorders is a peer-reviewed, open access Journal which is published by Auctores bimonthly. It provides easy access to high-quality Manuscripts in all related aspects of several problems associated with the endocrine system that can result in numerous disorders, including diabetes, obesity, thyroid disorders, osteoporosis and hormone malfunction. The Journal focuses upon all the endocrine system, its disorders and the new advancements in the related treatments.

The journal specifically welcomes interdisciplinary and compositional investigations, studies that produce new systematic perceptions into hormone activities, other endocrine associated aspects, research in sex transformations and similarities throughout the disciplines of endocrinology and metabolism.

Article types published include full-length research articles, mini-reviews, commentaries, rapid communications, technical papers, perspectives, editorials all major themes pertaining to endocrinology, metabolism and its disorders.

Articles submitted by authors are evaluated by editorial board members or a group of peer review experts in the field confirming that the published articles are of high quality and that the information they contain is accurate and reliable.

The journal focuses on the endocrine glands, its secretions and their coordination with metabolism and reproduction.

Open Access Policy: This journal is an open access journal which provides immediate, worldwide, boundary-free access to the full content of every distributed article without charging readers or their institutions for access. Readers are given the authorization to read, circulate, copy, print, download, search, or link to the full texts of all articles in JED. All published articles will be assigned DOI provided by CrossRef.

JED implements the Creative Commons Attribution License to all works published providing instant and permanent access for free to all types of original works. The license grants copyright to the author concerned and makes the articles available for their dissemination. Anyone can use the articles in any constructive way as long as the credit is given to the author and citation to the original source.

Areas Include Subjects Such As:

Endocrine glands and hormones

Hormone metabolism

Structure and physiochemical properties

Hormonal receptors

Signalling mechanisms

Hormone-regulated gene expression

Intracellular steroid and lipid metabolism

Bone and mineral metabolism


Sexual differentiation and puberty

Pediatric Endocrinology

Endocrine pharmacology

Molecular endocrinology

Gastrointestinal and Neuroendocrinology

Comparative Endocrinology

Cardiovascular Endocrinology

Reproductive Endocrinology


Diabetic neuropathy

Insulin-independent diabetes

Insulin metabolism

Insulin-dependent diabetes

Diabetic retinopathy

Bone and mineral disorders

Diabetes and metabolic diseases

Diabetes mellitus

Endocrine disorders

Endocrine Oncology

Endocrine physiology


Lipid metabolism



Endocrine pancreas

Gestational diabetes

Endogenous insulin

Gastric balloon



Pediatric Endocrinology


Adrenal disorders