Reviewers play a prominent role in scientific publishing community. Auctores like most scientific publishing companies, be contingent on effective peer review procedures to carry on not just the quality and legality of distinct articles but also the trustworthiness of the articles we publish in journals. Steadfast to confirm the integrity of review process, hence we request all our reviewers to follow the code of conduct to avoid conflict and to be appreciated by scientific communities.


By taking into consideration of the quality and acceptability of another author's work, matching area of scope of the article i.e expertise. Auctores supports our editors to select the potential reviewers based on the expertise on the article to complete the effective review process. Our editorial board members can select the reviewers for the assigned manuscripts.


  •  Reviewers should make the decision based on the scientific quality of the article. A reviewer should never make decisions based on the personal conflict of interest
  •  Reviewer form is directed along with the article based on which easy assessment of article can done
  •  Reviewer can specify if the paper requires its English grammar, punctuation or spelling to be revised
  •  Reviewer can notify to Editorial office if he/she has any conflict of interest
  •  A reviewer should uphold good relationship with editorial staff and editors
  •  Reviewers must respect the editor decision
  •  Acknowledgement/Certify

We extremely respect the hard work of our reviewer and we are honoured to work with such expert review board. We believe that your idealistic thoughts improve the scientific quality of articles to be published. As appreciation, we acknowledge and certify the reviewer certificate for your efforts in getting the quality article to the scientific society.

Financial Benefits

We will never pay money to our reviewer; however, there are some benefits to our reviewers which credits to their accomplishments.