Auctores is an open access peer reviewed publisher of Science, technology and engineering. It is the strategy of Auctores not to appeal for contributions for its operations as grants occasionally fail obliging the association to its discontinued operations. In direction to deliver the standard and quality work to the society we have preferred the model of autonomy through collecting article processing charges for articles published from the author. Authors are requested to make the payment once an article has been reviewed and accepted for publication by an editor.

Auctores is a self-reliance organization and does not receive any funding from neither from government nor private sectors. Hence, the management of the journal is exclusively supported by the article processing fees received from authors. We ask that authors, institution, funding agency should pay the article processing charges to facilitate our publication process. Our article processing charges are quite flexible compare to many other emerging publishers and we provide wide range of offers to the authors from the middle income and low-income countries. Authors will be sent an invoice along with the galley proof of the accepted article. Authors can pay the processing charge through the online payment portal by using credit card and or can transfer the APC to the publisher’s account furnished in an invoice as an open access publishers Auctores do not charge to authors for Manuscript submission fee and we only charge to authors for Article processing Charges.

Processing Charges

Country Clinical and Medical Images Editorial / Letter / Opinion Short Communication / Commentary (SC) Mini Review (MRW) Case Report (CR) Review (RW) Research (RA)
High Income $549 $599 $699 $799 $1050 $1100 $1250
Middle Income $399 $499 $599 $699 $799 $899 $999
Low Income $299 $316 $349 $425 $499 $549 $599